Banque transnationale rrom (Rrom Transnational Bank)

As a research project carried out in partnership with the Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD), Rrom Trans- national Bank highlights and defends the rrom community with the help of a series of alternative banknotes currently circulating publicly.


Plateforme autochtones (Indigenous Platform)
Hosted on If A Way, Indigenous Platform facilitates the actions of organisations in Swiss civil society in favour of indige- nous peoples around the world. It raises the profile and recognition of these peoples with the Swiss authorities and with the public.


Hosted on If A Way, the Youth Resource Center on Human Rights (CODAP) is a resource centre that provides support to the commitment of young people in favour of basic rights.


Universités d’été des droits humains (Human Rights Summer Universities)
Also members of the If A Way network, the Human Rights Summer Universities are yearly teaching sessions on human rights attended by participants from several African countries.


Au loin
An example of collaborative experiences being conducted on If A Way, the blog Au loin (In the Distance) serves as a platform for a workshop between the Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD) and the School of Visual Arts and Media (EAVM) in Montreal.


And many other projects.