IF A WAY – a plateform


Do not hesitate to contact us for any civic-minded project you may have.


If a Way is a collaborative and experimental platform for blogs.  Created by the Geneva-based Crossroads Association, it allows civil society actors to bring greater visibility to their work with professional-quality means of communication.

Blogs and Internet sites should contribute to the expression of civic speech, whether that speech be individual or collective in nature.  So, for example, the platform welcomes long-term organizations with extensive institutional content, but also those one-off social and cultural events that need a quick tool for information distribution.

Establishing a blog on If A Way involves contacting the editorial team and proposing a working concept.  This concept should resonate with, and be pertinent to, the concerns of civil society.

The If A Way team supports the formation of active communities on the platform and will provide help geared towards your needs and your means.

More information on the Crossroads Association.


Chemins de traverse (Crossroads)


Design in the area of civic action

Chemins de Traverse is an association founded in Geneva in 2008. Its mandate is to create original tools for individual expression and civic action. Its intended audience includes both the individual citizen and the social fabric of associations and institutions.


Accessibility to the tools

Chemins de Traverse works to make communication tools based on new technologies accessible to civil society. The aim is to facilitate the use of such technologies to the greatest degree possible.



Chemins de Traverse enables the dissemination of civic actions by ensuring the professional quality of the means of communication used. In this way, the association helps provide greater visibility to actions that are all too often unknown by giving them a prime position in the otherwise chaotic and scattered flow of the Internet.


Team Profile
The Crossroads team is composed of researchers in new media, specializing in the creation of new communication tools, and seasoned community activists.


Caroline Bernard, researcher, artist and teacher at the Vevey Photography School, former associate at the Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD)


Damien Guichard, freelance graphic artist (www.lilirangelechat.com), former teacher at the Vevey Photography School


David Matthey-Doret, director of doCip, former president of GLAJ-GE and former coordinator of Codap


Maxime Schoeni, freelance web designer.


Contact: info@cheminsdetraverse.net